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I have always followed my own path since I was little. And even in this case it paid off for me. If I had taken lessons and advice, I would never have started the business.

The whole story is a long story, so how can I make it short:

I founded the Nikko B. brand in in 2013 under the original name embrace soaps. The story is not a great romance, it was quite a struggle. I started under conditions that most people would advise against doing business at all. Completely from scratch, without finance, without knowledge, without background, and actually without energy. It was one of those difficult periods in life that we all go through, albeit in different ways. . For a few years before that, I was making all simple cosmetics for the family for financial reasons. And one day I also tried the soap that we needed as a cleaning agent and for washing.

Soap making is such a little miracle with a lot of room for experimentation, and I immediately liked it. Maybe also because it was such an island of beauty and fragrance in life at that time. I started to study everything about soaps, and I was interested in the fact that there are so-called designer soaps in the world, where you can create different shapes and an infinity of different looks in the soap. At that crossroads in her life, she decided to go ahead and bring designer soaps to the Czech Republic. I had a unique opportunity in terms of timing, because it was the last chance to get something like a "multi certificate" for designer soaps, thanks to which we can still create different soaps today variations in scents and colors, thus producing a wide variety of species. I caught the last month when it was possible, before the legislation changed. And everything related to the company has been happening on the same positive wave since then.

After about a year and a half of learning and gaining experience in the field, I started making the first soaps for sale. Slowly I started the spiral of production, sales, and innovation - and it was successful. Since then, we have been growing and today there are six of us in our mini-company.

In 2017, I changed the brand to Nikko B. and we expanded the range to include other cosmetic products. We currently have about ten new products under development, we are still increasing the volume of production - and I hope we are also improving it - so that both we and you, the customers, are satisfied. good things and experiences, I wouldn't change anything in my life.



When the girls told me last year before Christmas that they liked going to work and that they were looking forward to coming back after the New Year, I sat then alone in the workshop thinking how happy and really grateful I am. I guess I always wanted something like that. May life be good for me and for others - if we can do something for it.

Cosmetics production is a rewarding field in this regard, because when the products satisfy the customers, it also brings pleasure and joy - thanks to the fragrances, touch and texture, and most of all because of the functionality. It's great to read reviews when someone like our Rest Bar hand wax helps soothe eczema or chapped hands from work. My accountant friend says that she puts Mountain Morning soap between the tax laws, and they are immediately better. And several customers wrote to us that after the shampoo they finally have no dandruff and their hair is beautiful and shiny. Then it works by itself.

In 2019, we came up with two kinds of lip balm, nail oil and conditioner. We have other products in the approval phase.

, and I will reveal that a few of them are already in development.

We started with soaps years ago and even though other products are more our blockbuster these days, soaps remain our specialty and for me personally a matter of the heart. Among other products, they are such an artistic and elemental piece, where we can get creative and pour a slightly different design each time.

Of cosmetics, the production of soaps is one of the most laborious and complex - even though for to the layman, soap is perhaps "ordinary". Even when creating the formula, it is necessary to adjust the softness, hardness, properties of foam, texture and smoothness, as well as design and fragrance. The production process itself is quite unpredictable, something can go wrong and the soap behaves a little differently every time. In the end, we have to handle the soap many more times before it is ready to sell.

I often hear from customers that the soaps are too beautiful to use. But I think that it is exactly the opposite. After all, beautiful things should be enjoyed and used in life above all.

I hope you will be satisfied with our products, feel free to write if you need anything, have any comments, ideas or problems. Suggestions from customers are a treasure for us.

Have a nice day,
Bára Mikulášová

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